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 Maad love to @NativeFM on the Big Island for airing #VibesSoRight by @MaadTRayMusic feat. #HIRIE! Today at 4:30pm Hawaiian time  Tune in online for their live stream! ❤️❤️ #NativeFM #FBI #ImissHome #Reggae  Smokin' FREEBIES! You can head over to @edabit710 or @illustriousextracts right now and enter to win an e-nail if you pledge on my Kickstarter!! Every pledge gets you a copy of the new album #WanderingSoul -- link is in my bio  Stay tuned for @hillkid giveaways as well!!! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!  #HIRIE #giveaway #edabit #illustriousextracts #hillkid  Mahalo for believing in our music  Raising $40K with Label to make a KILLER album is no joke!! It's going to take all of you, and lots of faith  Come play a HUGE role in the #WanderingSoul album creation! I want to present you with reggae music you can truly be proud of.  I could spill my beans all day about how much this movement means to me; how much touring and playing music live makes us feel alive and how giving you an album that fully encompasses our passions can move mountains. I'll be posting pre-production previews of the new jams for the next 19 days because that's all we get to reach our goal  Producers include @doncorleonie @stoneyeyestudios and more TBA ❤️ Everyone involved is a visionary and you are too. Imagine our new album bumping in your room after a long day, at a party, on your next road trip.. Just imagine what can be done when we link up for the good of music. More up my sleeve for next week so stay tuned......  #LetsGetHIRIE #WanderingSoul #Kickstarter #Independent  Yewwwwww make my world go 'round. There's a link in my bio which will take you to a magical land that is #Kickstarter. Once you're there, you can pre order my next album #WanderingSoul for just $10. OR you can have a download + signed cd for $25. Either way, your purchase directly supports me recording new music in the studio. You said you wanted more music!!!! Come n get it ❤️❤️❤️ #HIRIE  Meet baby Hirie ❤️ Last night in Phoenix I was asked to be her Godmother! How blessed!  #WhiteMountain #Apache #BabyHirie
 Go to and look up "HIRIE"! $10 gets you a preorder of the album, $25 gets you the album before everyone else AND a physical signed cd! Loads of different rewards, from one-on-one Skype serenades to acoustic performances in your home or school! 14 days to go and with Kickstarter it's ALL or nothing!!! Help a gyal out and Let's get #HIRIE!! #Kickstarter #Independent #FortheLoveofREGGAE graphic by @caseyseedless ☺️  This Saturday!!! Come celebrate @ILoveRookies 20th anniversary with us in beautiful #Oceanside! Also performing @janelle_phillipsmusic #localhabit #LetsGetHIRIE  Sunny daze in #SanDiego ☺️ #HillKid #ActiveArt #HIRIE  My girl killing it with the #spiritlocks! Follow her  @spiritlocks for some new hair inspiration. Snapped this pic between shoots for #IWannaBe single cover art   Ocean water heals my soul ✨ Rockin' @HillKid threads -- keep a lookout for their brand new line  ▶️ You can pre order my next album right now! Link in bio  #HIRIE #HillKid #WanderingSoul #NewMusic #SunsetCliffs #SanDiego
  "We can start from the end, we can pick back up where we began. Twist the hand and rewind, i don't wanna waste no time..." ⏰ #HIRIE Co-written by @andrewmckeezymusic ☺️  "People fighting for all the wrong stuff, We better fight to stay in love". ❤️ -Tanya Stephens To my handsome man, Happy 29th!!!  21 days to go!!!!!! So nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time!! Haha  Link in bio!! Pleeeeease pre order my album now for $10 it directly pays for us to RECORD IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #WanderingSoul #HIRIE #Reggae #Independent #Kickstarter #AyudaMe  Because I miss my sister   Dig dig dig! Come out this September and vibe hard with all these amazing bands!!! Super excited for this festival!  #DryDiggings2015 #LetsGetHIRIE


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